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Tips for Family Vacations in Texas on a Budget

The Texas Hill Country is a marvelous place to visit with your family, with rich history and breathtaking outdoor scenery. A vacation to the Texas Hill Country doesn’t have to break the bank, though. Frio Country Resort put together this guide for family vacations in Texas on a budget. Book your stay today for a family vacation everyone will treasure forever! 

3 Tips for Family Vacations in Texas on a Budget

1. Save Money in One of Our Frio River Vacation Rentals

A vacation home or cabin at Frio Country Resort has the advantage of a full kitchen where you can make meals instead of going out to restaurants for every meal. This is an excellent perk for family vacations in the Texas Hill Country on a budget.

Many of the Frio River vacation rentals at Frio Country Resort also have washers and dryers, so you can pack lighter with clothing. This perk might not necessarily save you money, but it will save you precious legroom during your car ride. 

2. Fun Family Vacations in the Texas Hill Country Outdoors

There are plenty of low-cost activities near Frio Country Resort. Many of our cabins are either right on or near the spring-fed Frio River. Birdwatching in the Texas Hill Country is a free but intriguing activity you can enjoy from the comfort of your cabin or vacation home rental. There are many stunning bird species to watch for, like the Golden-Cheeked Warblers you can only find in the Texas Hill Country. 

A Garner State Park Hiking Adventure is a great way to immerse yourself in the magnificent natural beauty of the area on a budget. There are easier trails suitable for beginners and families with older adults and small children. There are also more challenging trails for seasoned hikers. 

3. Plan a Multi-Family Vacation for More Fun at Fewer Costs

You can save money by booking a large vacation rental from Frio Country Resort for a multi-family vacation! Not only will you save money, but you will also get to bond with family and friends you don’t get to see every day. A multi-family vacation in the Texas Hill Country is a perfect way to stay within a budget. Frio Country Resort is the perfect destination for family vacations in Texas, no matter your budget!

Book your stay today to create lifelong treasured memories!

Your Guide to a Garner State Park Hiking Adventure

Garner State Park is known for having some of the most stunning and adventurous hiking trails in the Texas Hill Country. Explore over 1,770 acres of stunning landscapes and 2.9 miles of the Frio River. The thrilling outdoor adventures bring people from near and far to Garner State Park. 

Frio Country Resort offers an incredible selection of cabins and vacation rentals on the Frio River. Frio Country Resort is family-friendly and family-owned, with 30+ acres of private Frio River frontage you can explore. Book your stay with Frio Country Resort today, then read our guide below on the top Garner State Park hiking trails.

Top 9 Garner State Park Hiking Trails

1.White Rock Cave: If you’re looking for a peaceful and easy Garner State Park hiking trail, check out the White Rock Cave trail. It’s .6-miles out and back and takes an average of 25 minutes to complete. 

2.Mount Ol’ Baldy: This Garner State Park trail is considered moderately challenging and about one mile long. It will take most people around 44 minutes to complete.

3.Old Baldy, Foshee, Bridges, and Crystal Cave Trails Loop: This is a great hiking loop in Garner State Park for a longer journey at 3.5 miles. It’s considered moderately challenging and takes almost two hours and a half to complete. 

4.Crystal Cave via Horseshoe Canyon and Bridges Trail Loop: This is a moderately challenging trail that takes around 50 minutes to complete. Enjoy a thrilling 1.5-mile loop hiking in the Texas Hill Country.

5.Ol’ Baldy and Foshee Trail: Enjoy a 1.9-mile loop hiking in the stunning Texas Hill Country. It’s considered moderately challenging and should take a little over an hour to complete. 

6.Frio Canyon Trail: This is another longer loop at Garner State Park, but it only takes most people a little over one hour to complete. It’s 3.3 miles in length and is considered moderately challenging. 

7.Bridges Trail to Bird Trail Loop: This is a 1.6-mile loop that takes around 45 minutes to complete. Most hikers consider this trail to be moderately challenging.

8.Crystal Cave via Foshee and Old Horse Trail: This is an easy but longer trail in Garner State Park. It’s a 2.8-mile loop that takes most people around an hour and a half to complete.

9.Bridges Trail, Highway, and Frio Canyon Loop: This is the longest Garner State Park hiking loop on our list at 5.8 miles. It’s moderately challenging and takes around two and a half hours to complete.

Book your stay today with Frio Country Resort for the best family vacation ever hiking in Texas Hill Country!

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