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Your Guide to Shopping in Concan, Texas

Your Guide to Shopping in Concan, Texas

Concan is a small town in the Texas Hill Country, so shopping here is more about quality than quantity. In this guide by Frio Country Resort, you’ll find charming boutiques and local gift shops that offer a range of items, from handmade crafts to unique souvenirs. Staying at Frio Country Resort in Concan, Texas, is a delightful blend of relaxation, adventure, and natural beauty. Nestled in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, this resort offers a memorable experience for families, couples, and groups of friends. We offer a variety of Frio River lodging to suit different needs and preferences. You can choose from rustic cabins, spacious vacation homes, and RV sites in Concan, TX.

The 6 Best Shopping Spots in Concan, Texas

1. The Frio Store: Discover a diverse selection of shopping options, including souvenirs, fishing gear, snacks, and tube rentals for floating along the Texas Frio River.

2. Frio’s Dry Fifty: This is one of the hottest shopping hubs in Concan, Texas. Find the perfect souvenirs from their array of apparel. Quench your cravings at the Snack Shack. You can also dig for treasures at the Frio’s Dry Fifty ​Mining Company. 

3. Locaonthe Frio: Discover the charm of this Country Chic boutique nestled in the heart of one of your beloved Texas summer getaway spots.

4. Josh’s Frio River Outfitter: Find all your shopping needs for your Texas Hill Country adventure, from fishing and tubing to swimming. They offer kayak rentals, river shuttles, custom T-shirts, caps, swim gear, and more.

5. Concan Radio Coolers: They have built a thriving business from the ground up and take pride in offering the highest quality, most unique Radio Coolers available on the market today. They meticulously construct each cooler using high-quality materials and utilize marine-grade amplifiers and speakers, sealed batteries, and stainless steel screws to prevent corrosion.

6. Garner State Park Gift Shop: Enjoy shopping through a wonderful selection of unique, high-quality souvenir shirts and hats at the Texas Garner State Park Gift Shop in the historic Garner Pavilion. Be sure to check back regularly for fresh new items!

A stay at Frio Country Resort promises the perfect blend of comfort and adventure, creating an ideal setting for an unforgettable getaway in the Texas Hill Country!

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