Frio Country - lodging and activities in Concan Texas
Frio Country - lodging and activities in Concan Texas
Frio Country - lodging and activities in Concan Texas
Frio River Tubing-An Activity the Whole Family Can Enjoy

Frio Country Resort is the ideal spot to spend quality time with your whole family while enjoying wildlife, clear streams and hillsides. When the hot Texas sun is glaring down at you, cool off with the fantastic Frio River tubing activities.

What makes tubing on the clear waters of Frio so popular is the slow-moving river meandering along its path. Proper close supervision is desirable especially in the case of teens and young ones. It is fairly easy to rent tubes as they need to be reserved with a minimum of 30 minute notice from rental companies. While you are staying at Frio Country Resort, finding what you want becomes so much easier.

When considering Frio River tubing why not go for a vessel containing padding below so that your skin is not bruised when indulging in such activity. You can even get an additional tube that has an ice chest for partying, picnics, and having a general good time. Those who want to give their kids a special treat this is a man do not have to look beyond this glorious activity under the Texas sky. High flexibility and numerous possibilities keep you enthralled and pleasurably occupied.

When the water level in Frio River is low, a great place to start on your tubes is from the FM 1120 South Bridge. This slow-moving water also contains some small rapids and shoots that can add to the thrill of tubing on its surface. During Frio River tubing, it is important to be cautious as it will increase your overall satisfaction levels.

Come enjoy the secluded beauty of the 47 mile stretch of the Frio. Float the clear water while relaxing and gazing up at majestic 2000-year-old Cypress trees around. The duration of Frio River tubing depends upon a variety of factors including the water level, behavior, skill of the participant, as well as the length of trip you choose. This can go on for approximately 30 min to any length that seems ideal for you.

Frio Country Resort gives you a chance to live close to the river and explore all the possibilities that the river has to offer. Frio River tubing is a special activity because you can engage your whole family and enjoy the coolness of water first hand. For more information, you can contact at our toll free number 888-926-6226. We are waiting to hear from you soon!

Frio Country - lodging and activities in Concan Texas
Frio Country - lodging and activities in Concan Texas
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Frio Country - lodging and activities in Concan Texas
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